MIPEX TECHNOLOGY opens up new vistas for portable gas detection industry

MIPEX TECHNOLOGY,pioneer in the design and manufacture of 

MIPEX infrared combustible gas sensors in new portable multigas detectors

extremely low power NDIR flammable gas sensors for industrial safety has cooperated with one of the leaders in the portable gas detection industry - Gas Clip Technologies supplying  MIPEX infrared combustible gas sensors for the new portable multigas detectors.

The unit can go a full 2 months without a charge without ever having to be turned off. The detector battery can last up to 4 months if shut down nightly. What’s the secret of such extended battery life? It uses MIPEX low power NDIR gas sensor for the detection of the combustible gases (LEL). Instead of draining the battery with archaic pellistor technology, the multigas detector uses MIPEX IR gas sensor. This conserves power, so the battery lasts and lasts and lasts.

Unique MIPEX sensors offer opportunities for significant expansion of the scope of the existing markets and create the new ones from scratch:

-creating a market for disposable portable combustible gas detectors;

-the formation of a number of wireless solutions and systems;

-expansion of the boundaries of fixed gas detectors and systems.

Having power consumption less than 3,5 mW MIPEX infrared combustible gas sensors reach less than 10 second response time. All MIPEX sensors have the highest level of intrinsically safe explosion protection “ia”. To meat exacting customer requirements ‘Intelligent’ MIPEX sensor with microcontroller inside provides extended features and amongst other advantages dramatically reduces development cost and time.

The technology used in MIPEX-02 sensors allows reaching combination of low power consumption and high metrology performance. Moreover the technology helps to avoid the basic problems natural for both catalytic bead sensors and conventional optical NDIR sensors. That makes MIPEX an ideal sensor for use in H2S or other poisonous environments.